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About Rob

Hyper Performance coach

Robert Walters is one of the World’s leading High-Performance Life Coaches. After working for a decade with several of the FTSE top 100 companies, coaching their CEO’s, Presidents and employees, as well as working 1-2-1 with premier league footballers, professional athletes, actors and singers. Now by popular demand he is extending his services to everyone. 
Robert started his career in the health and fitness industry. During this time, he regularly graced the front cover of various Fitness Magazines, and wrote blogs, tips and articles for many media outlets. 

This gave Robert a unique understanding of the mind-body connection. It was during this time he had a powerful realisation that out of two people; with the same body type, similar genetics, training facilities, and fitness aspirations, one would be successful and achieve their goals, whilst the other would fail, maybe over and over. It was at this point Robert realised that any success a person has is 80% WHY and 20% HOW.
This was the turning point. Robert fully immersed himself into the practical psychology behind success, high performance coaching and the art of fulfilment, leading to his writing and directing a series of SKY TV shows such as the “The Fitness Suite” and a popular life coaching show called “Lord Knows”. 
Now, he spends his time travelling the globe to assist companies to achieve the best performance out of their teams. He gives talks on high performance strategies and conducts masterclasses. Rob also works privately, 1-2-1 with clients when requested.
Through a tried and tested model, Robert has found that a business’s overall success is dictated by the quality of the environment and culture, whereas with an individual, a person must identify and truly understand why they are doing what they do and the cause which drives this.

Robert has worked alongside some of the world's most influential people in the field of Performance Coaching and NLP, one being John Grinder, the founding father of Neuro Linguistic Programming, who originally trained world-renowned performance coach Tony Robbins. Through continuing professional development Rob ensures he remains "Mr. Limitless" himself.
So, whether you are a company or an individual Rob can help you to become "Limitless".

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"Making the world a better place one step at a time!"

Previous Clients

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What We Do

Everything in one's life is linked, no one thing should take precedence or an imbalance is created, eg: a winning mindset with poor physical health will limit you greatly and vice versa.


Regardless of your situation whether you are at the top of your game and have hit a Plateau, you don’t know how to get to the top of your chosen field or you have reached the top and thought, “is this all there is?” Or you are simply feeling lost and confused about where your life is going and what your purpose is, Robert will get you back on track and in the best mental and physical condition of your life. 


Using his unique and successful psychological tools and strategies, Robert will enable you to become LIMITLESS!


Robert doesn’t believe in work life balance as high performers rarely experience this. Robert teaches work/life integration, as this is found to be what people truly desire, if you integrate your family and friends into supporting your purpose then no one thing needs to suffer.


Robert eliminates

  • limiting beliefs

  • Procrastination

  • Self doubt

  • Inability to manage your mental state

  • Reluctance to make decisions 

  • Feeling of emptiness


He trains his clients in world class time management, how to be 15X more productive and the art of developing courage and experiencing true fulfilment.


The path to your LIMITLESS LIFE AWAITS. 


Check out Roberts latest interview on the Gary King Show!

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