Robert was born on 13th September 1982 in London, England, with a Lordship title held from as far back as the reign of King Henry VIII. He knew from an early age, that he didn’t want to be involved in the family business of land and property, but favoured the entertainment industry instead.


Robert began his career as a full-time fashion, fitness and editorial model, fronting top advertising campaigns, such as Next underwear, Roberto Cavalli and Hardy Amies, Hugo Boss and Puma. He also graced the covers of numerous men’s magazines such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Healthy for Men, ETC magazine and numerous other publications.


His transition into T.V came when he starred in Channel 4 and E4’s hit TV show “Dirty Sexy Things” a show that is still aired to date.

Following the popularity of “Dirty Sexy Things” he was offered his own health and fitness show, “The Fitness Suite” on Sky television and hosted his own talk show “Lord Knows”, also on Sky.


Robert’s on screen success went transatlantic when he landed the starring role on TLC’s “Secret Princes” which has been, and still is, aired worldwide. “Secret Princess” huge success and popularity led to Robert being brought back to mentor in TLC’s “Secret Princes” season 2.


Robert’s passion for comedy led him to presenting his own comedy style gadget review series “Rob’s Freaking Awesome Show” which he wrote and hosted on FASHOT TV.


Robert is passionate about animals and is often seen on twitter and instagram travelling the globe interacting with many different species on the land and sea, he is also an active supporter and firm believer in animal rights.



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